Metal Free Fillings

Metal Free Fillings

Metal Free Fillings
Metal Free Fillings

Why should you choose to remove a cavity, only to replace it with an even darker metallic substance that is infamous for creating further decay through expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes?

Metal-free fillings are rapidly becoming the preferred option for patients who require the removal of minor to moderate cavities. Dr. Richard Haines knows that non-metals like porcelain, ceramic and acrylic are superior to amalgams in three important ways:

  • Aesthetic Beauty - this difference is night and day. You may not even be able to tell the difference between your natural tooth color and your new metal-free filling!
  • No Future Decay - new materials and powerful sealants maximize your protection against the potential of future decay at the site of the filling.
  • Stable and Durable - unlike metals that react to temperature change inside your mouth, non-metals won't expand or contract, assuring much better longevity.

Technology has advanced to the point where amalgams offer no significant advantages over non-metals. There's simply no good reason to use amalgam anymore. It is effectively obsolete.

For superior quality, optimum durability and prolonged beauty, porcelain and ceramic have no rival. If you have older metal fillings, we encourage you to call Dr. Haines and replace them. The long-term advantages are well-worth it.

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