Minor Orthodontic Treatment

Minor Orthodontic Treatment

Minor Orthodontic Treatment

Clear Correct is the invisible way to create a beautiful, perfect smile. Clear trays promote tooth movement in a pleasant and cosmetic fashion, without the usual hassle and discomfort of traditional braces.

A beautiful, aligned smile not only gives you that added boost of self-confidence in social and business situations but also creates a healthy dental environment! Clear Correct is easy, comfortable, discreet and affordable.

Using a 3-D scan to produce computerized models, technicians can manufacture customized aligning trays that will gently and gradually move your teeth to where they need to be.

The clear plastic trays can comfortably do their job while you continue to work, play and carry on your normal life. One really great advantage of the Clear Correct system is that the trays can be removed to eat, enjoy special occasions and to brush and floss.

The expert advice of Dr. Haines can help you be on your way to the straight, beautiful smile you deserve! Call for a consultation.

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