Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

With today's modern dental techniques, having a root canal done by a dentist is no longer a scary experience.

Dr. Richard Haines is experienced in performing root canal therapy. Extensive decay, an accident, tooth fracture, or gum disease can kill teeth and cause root canal symptoms such as pain or dental abscess. However, regardless of the cause, your teeth can be saved using root canal treatment.

Advanced dentistry technologies and techniques make this treatment easier, faster and more comfortable for our patients. The results speak for themselves. Your toothache is gone and the affected tooth looks and feels healthier than before.

At the dental practice of Dr. Haines, we make your health our priority. By taking care of any necessary decay and sensitivity, we aim to make you feel great, so you can look great.

The health and beauty of your teeth can be restored and protected in just a couple of easy, comfortable visits with Dr. Haines.

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